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The Only Constant is Change

“After a quick, productive start to the day, resist the urge to keep going at full speed. Consider the day a success, and then take it easy and relax to reward yourself. As tempting as it may be to make a big splash and get a lot done, avoid starting any new projects -- even casual appointments or social obligations are to be avoided. The afternoon or evening will offer plenty of great ways for you to relax. Give yourself a treat and a minor indulgence”

Yep, that’s exactly what I’m going to do….

And why am I allowed to do something like that on a Monday?

Because I got laid off last week……

Laid. Off.

I've refrained from writing about it until I gained some perspective.

Now, as I’ve refrained from mentioning to you Dear Diary for paranoia of the big boss, I’ve been hating my job with gusto for the last year at least (maybe more like two or three) and have been finally motivating to look for a new job. I haven’t learned anything new in a long time and it has long sinced ceased to be fulfilling. A waste of my talent and their time and money. And while it sucks for various reasons to be laid off, it’s better than quitting. So I filed for unemployment, cashed my severence check and here I am. Of course I can’t get rid of that sense of low grade panic that ohmygodIdon’thaveafuckingjob. But I have time to look. And I’ve sent word out to just about everyone I know asking them to let me know if they hear anything in the graphic design field and already have some leads. It was just the kick in the pants I needed to get out there and find a job more suited to me.

Anyway, I've already got some job search related stuff out of the way today so I’m going to do just what my horoscope suggests. Plus there isn’t much else I can do in this oppressive heat. I think a trip to the library, a cold iced tea beverage and half naked lounging on the back deck is the order of the day. Ciao!


Bridal Showers and Bun Buns

Ever feel like just *not* posting in your journal for a few weeks? Really? It's just me? Okay.

Anyway, went to Oregon last weekend for my cousin's bridal shower.The one I made the invitation for. And it went swimmingly. We had vintage aprons and June Cleaver pearl necklaces for favours and mini sandwiches and petit fours for food. My mom wore the cutest outfit ever and my grandma's glasses.
Keri's 50's shower
This is my cousin's and I "clutching our pearls". Check out the vintage apron I scored. Heh heh. I brought three aprons and wouldn't let anyone take them home and still took another one. But we had enough and it was and awesome apron.Keri's 50's shower

And of course I had a fabulous time hangin out with my neice who is officially the coolest 6.5 year old ever. I mean, check out her killer bike riding outfit.
Kyleigh's bike riding outfit.
She also had recently gotten a new baby bunny (after her other one "Honey Bunny", had an ....er.... encounter with the dog). This bun is too sweet for words. He'll let you hug him and snorgle him all day long and he's so tiny and cute it could make a person's head explode. Here he is being squooshed by his loving owner. Baby Bun

Now, this weekend I'm going to the Virus show at the Lobot Gallery in Oakland, which I'm king of nervous about becauseohmygodIhaveapieceinitandwhodoIthinkI'mfooling. Heheh. There is some fabulous artwork up though, I saw it when I went to drop off my piece. Oakland rocks!


The One Where I Discover The Root of My Disfunction

I can't possibly say how happy I am that it is Friday and that in a few hours I will be done with work for four. whole. days!

Those days will be almost entirely filled with stressing about the piece I am making for the upcoming art show. Ha! Hopefully a little work will be done on it too. I really am a diseased person. Why do I hate doing the only thing that gives my life purpose? Why can't I just make something instead of making such a huge deal out of everything.

There are also BBQs this weekend. And I am maybe making my berry pie and also maybe ribs! Cooking is easy for me because most of the time everybody loves it and I am sustained therefore.

Hmmm, maybe my problem is that I exptect everyone to react the same way to my art that they do with my cooking. But no one makes orgasmic "mmm, mmm"ing noises over most people's art right? And why do I even need that in the first place? I am missing something of my own that I require people to validate me like that.

Man, Cyrus picked a good one. he he.

Anyway, there was enough crazy in the last post, I don't need to bore my poor diary with more.

I've been going to the gym this week! And it feels so good! I really don't like being out of shape.. I hate it worse than I hate lifting weights in that sweaty man world so I guess that is the choice I have to make. Also, C and I have been eating really healthy so maybe I can get rid of the muffin top that I thought would be fun to have. (Yeah I thought that, as a bellydancer, it might be cute if I had a little pudge. Guess what, when you have a small frame and you are no taller than 5'....it's not cute. It just looks unhealthy. I'm just not volumptious and this has helped me accept that).

Plus squats are great for bellydance stamina!

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